Due to the nature of ViviServ supporting not merely one, but two servers,
numerous rules apply - some of which are only viable or essentially to one server or the other, be it The World or ARCLIGHT. As such, the administrative staff strongly encourage players and potential players to review the rules in this article and be sure in their comprehension before joining. Following of such rules and regulations is essentially, not merely for the player's enjoyment, but to insure fair and equal opportunity for creation and gameplay across both servers and for all users.

It should be noted that ignorance of a rule is not a viable excuse for its violation.

General Rules (All Servers) Edit

  • No griefing. "Griefing" is defined as, in the context of the servers "The World" and "ARCLIGHT", utilizing certain gameplay mechanics to irritate or annoy, destroy or alter another player or users property, or in any way prohibit the creativity and active play of another player by any means as defined, implied, or inferred. Such does not include the construction of traps intended for player-versus-player combat insofar as they are constructed on the trap-creator's own property or unclaimed property where construction is not otherwise prohibited or forbidden by regulation or mechanic.
  • No requesting of "Creative Mode". Users who request "Creative Mode" without going through the appropriate processes will not receive it; repeated requests for "Creative Mode" may result in a kick or temporary banishment from the server upon which was requested.
  • No spamming the chat channels. Users who spam the global, private, regional, or factional chat channels may receive a kick or temporary banishment from the server upon which the violation was committed. Repeated offenses may result in a longer-term banishment or a permanent banishment from both servers.
  • No persistent use of Caps Lock. Users who repeatedly use Caps Lock or "ALLCAPS" will be treated as spammers and may be kicked or banished as defined as above.
  • No repeated teleportation requests. Users who repeatedly ask a member of the administrative or moderation staff to "warp" or "teleport" them to a location or person and have been refused the request may be kicked or temporarily banished from the server upon which the violation occurred.
  • No requesting to become a staff member. Users who request to become an "Administrator" or "Moderator" will be denied. Staff appointment is at the discretion of the staff members themselves; users who request "how to" or merely to become one will be denied and may, in the future, be overlooked for staff appointment.
  • No repeated questions which can be answered on the ViviServ Online Encyclopedia. Users who ask a question that may be answered here will be directed here. Repeatedly asking the same questions without reviewing the ViviServ Online Encyclopedia may be kicked at the staff's discretion.

The World Rules (Survival, Freeform, & P.V.E.)Edit

  • Follow all General Rules.
  • The World is a survival server. Users are expected, from the beginning, to forage for food and supplies on their own, are expected to have a working knowledge of Minecraft, and are not expected to receive administrative assistance by default. Sale of supplies, food, etc. to other players is encouraged, and giving of items is not prohibited, but is neither actively encouraged nor discouraged.
  • The World is freeform. There is not over-arching story, plot, or aesthetic that need-be abided by or followed. Users are permitted to build what they want, how they want, and where they want insofar as the construction process and construct abides by the rules and regulations of ViviServ.
  • The World] is a player-versus-evironment server. Users are not permitted to conduct player-versus-player combat unless all parties have consented. Any user that attacks a user that has not consented to P.V.P. may be kicked or face a temporary banishment from the server.
  • Theft of items or property is not permitted. Users are prohibited from stealing from another user's chests, stashes, homes, caches, etc. Destruction of property to do such is further defined as griefing.

ARCLIGHT Rules (Survival, Roleplaying, P.V.E., & P.V.P.)Edit

  • Follow all General Rules.
  • ARCLIGHT is a Tekkit server. To access ARCLIGHT, users must have downloaded the TechnicLauncher modification pack.
  • ARCLIGHT is a by-application-only entrance server. Users wishing to access ARCLIGHT must complete and follow the application process.
  • ARCLIGHT is a survival and roleplaying server. Users who gain entrance to ARCLIGHT are expected to abide by the story and aesthetic of the world and are expected to interact with others In-Character. Furthermore, much like The World, they are expected to have an experienced knowledge of Minecraft and are further expected to forage, gather, and collect items for construction and use without administrative assistance by default.
  • ARCLIGHT is a player-versus-player and player-versus-environment server. Outside of designated safe-zones, users may initiate in player-versus-player combat - with or without consent - and players may be subject to random and "pointless" attacks at any point outside of such safe-zones. Destruction of property to attack players is prohibited, as is construction of traps on another player's property or claimed property. Players may, furthermore, engage in player-versus-environment combat (against mobs - hostile or otherwise) at any point.
  • Traps are permitted. Users may construct traps on their own property, unclaimed property, and property not immediately within a four-block radius of claimed property or land. Users are not permitted to construct traps on another player's property, claimed land, or in designated safe-zones or no-construction zones.
  • Non-destructive theft is permitted. Insofar as all aforementioned rules and regulations are followed, users may deliberately steal other player's items from chests insofar as no block destruction is required to do so. In effect, this means that laid-equipment (equipment that must be placed down and destroyed to regain/harvest) may not be stolen. For the sake of clarity: items that are placed in unlocked chests (or in chests which have locks that can be picked), may be stolen by other players and will not be considered a rule violation.
  • Scamming is permitted. ARCLIGHT has "/eco" and general economy support. As such, money - "ARCbucks" - plays a role in obtaining some items and necessitating trade. Due to the nature of ARCLIGHT, scamming individuals for ARCbucks by deceitful practices is permitted. This is to include: offering to trade a rare item or information (such as navigation coordinates) for in-game monetary compensation, then refusing to pay and/or fleeing is not considered a rule violation.

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